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Aadhar Card Loan 50000, know the Easy Way to Take it

Friends, do you ever happen that you suddenly need money? or do you need 50000 for some important work? Do you know that you can get a Aadhaar card loan 50000 very easily. Today we will know how you can take a loan with the help of Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Loan 50000

What is PM Aadhar Card Loan 50000?

PM Aadhar Card Loan means that the government gives you a loan of 10000 to 50000 under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. If you want to start a new business, then the government will help you financially to start the business.

How to get a loan of 50000 on Aadhar Card in 2022

Friends, if you need money in the year 2022, then the government will fulfill your need. In today’s era, many documents are required to take a loan, so you would like to know that how to get a loan of 50000 only from Aadhar card?

So the answer is that you can get a loan from any bank under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Under this you can get loan in 3 ways:

  1. Loan from 10000 to 50000 on Aadhar card under PM Mudra Yojana
  2. Loan from 10000 to 50000 on Aadhar Card from Mobile Apps
  3. Personal loan from 10000 to 50000 with the help of aadhar card

For this some eligibility has been kept which you can read below.

Aadhar Card Loan 50000 Eligibility

  1. You must be an Indian for this loan
  2. What should be your source of employment and income. You will also need to provide income certificate.
  3. It is mandatory for you to be between 18 to 60 years of age to take the loan
  4. For 10000 to 50000, you will have to give bank details, for which it is mandatory to have your bank account.
  5. If you want to take loan online, then it is also necessary for you to have a smartphone.

Documents for taking 50000 Loan from Aadhar Card

These documents is always mandatory for you for Aadhar Card loan 50000, whether you take a personal loan or through a mobile app.

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Income or employment certificate
  3. Pan card
  4. Bank account details and last 3 months statement
  5. Age Certificate (10th Marksheet)
  6. Passport size photo

How To Apply online Aadhar Card Loan From Mobile App

If you want to take a loan from the mobile app, then today we will tell you about 2 apps from which you can easily take a loan, the first of them is:

TrueBalance App

  1. You have to first download and install the True Balance App.
  2. After that open the app and login.
  3. Now you have to provide some information and upload some documents.
  4. If your documents are correct then you will get the loan approval soon.
  5. Whatever you have put in the loan amount, it will be credited in your bank.

Mobikwik App

Your process to take loan from Mobikwik App will be exactly the same as that of TrueBalance App. Please read the above passage carefully.

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Do you have any question in your mind?

Q1. How to take a loan of 50 000 from SBI Bank through Aadhar Card?

Ans: Friends, you can take loan from all of you in 2 ways:
Personal loan
2 . Yono via SBI APP

Q2. How to apply for Aadhar card loan online?

Ans: You can apply by downloading any trusted loan app.

Q3. What is Aadhar card loan scheme online?

Ans: This scheme has been run by the Prime Minister so that common people can take loan for business or any other work.

Q4. Can I take a loan of 10000 with Aadhar card?

Ans: Yes, you can take a loan of 10000 to 50000 from Aadhar card.

Q5. How much interest will have to be paid for Aadhar card loan 50000?

Ans: All banks keep their interest rate fixed, it is 6 to 12 percent depends


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